Welcome, traveler! You may have just stumbled upon the most epic resume of your lifetime.


In the business world particularly, effective communication is paramount. These days, there is so much information that it can be difficult to digest. That's where data visualization becomes useful. Even Finance and other business functions benefit from visualization, turning complex data into trends and information that is digestible at a glance, because time is money.


This project is a testament to my love for and familiarity with one of Blizzard's most popular and successful games, World of Warcraft. But more importantly, it's a demonstration of my skills, even working outside of my area of expertise.


Take a look around. Almost every aspect of this hand-crafted resumé was custom-made by me. Trained in Finance, I am no artist. Nor am I applying to an artistic position. However, I thought there was no better way to show Blizzard the depth of my passion, enthusiasm, and capabilities than by creating something so visually tasty.